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Blood glucose is measured in mg/dl. The normal range for blood glucose for people without diabetes is 70 to mg/dl. The Diabetes Center has guidelines for. In general, it's best to keep blood sugar below mg/dL one to two hours after having a meal or snack. However, what is considered normal will vary depending. This is called your “fasting” blood sugar level. Optimally this level should be between mg/dL ( mmol/L). Conventional medicine considers anything.

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What Can Cause Low Blood Sugar Levels? · skipping meals and snacks · not eating enough food during a meal or snack · exercising longer or harder than usual without. If you have a fasting blood sugar level of between and mg/dl, you are diagnosed as having impaired glucose tolerance. This is a strong risk factor for. If a reaction occurs at a time when you do not plan to eat your next meal or snack for more than 30 minutes, eat food containing starch and protein after you.

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A fasting blood glucose less than is normal. is called "impaired fasting glucose", or pre-diabetes. A person with a fasting blood sugar over , or. Glucose levels are usually lowest in the morning, before the first meal of the day, and rise after meals for an hour or two by a few millimoles. Blood sugar. For those who don't have diabetes: less than mg/dL. For those who have diabetes: less than mg/dL. If your blood glucose level is still high two hours.