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A Native American basket's form relates directly to its function. Tightly woven baskets were used for cooking food, collecting water, and storage. Sturdy work. Shop www.kino-stalker.ru for the best selection of Native American Baskets wall art online. Low price guarantee, fast shipping & free returns, and custom framing. ​Native American Baskets · This exhibit encompasses material culture objects associated with Native American use of the Central Wisconsin area. · Ho-Chunk people.

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SB Museum features exhibit halls focusing on regional natural history (birds, insects, mammals, marine life, paleontology), Native Americans. Basketry was one of the first craft forms practiced by the American Southwest Indian. Used for utilitarian purposes long before pottery, baskets were made. Wedding baskets are the most common of all Indian baskets, identified by their symbolic design of alternating red and black patterned layers. The inner black.

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They were woven from various plants. Some were lined with pitch, which is a natural waterproofing material made from pine trees. The waterproof baskets were. Traditional, polychrome and pictorial style Native American baskets. The collection includes Salish, Pomo, Papago, Penobscot, Pima, Panamint, Apache, Yokut. Native American baskets are typically woven from materials like wood and grass. Other natural and manufactured materials are sometimes used too. For example.